Happy Anniversary 

One year ago this week Dominik Koepfer and Jared Hiltzik met their coach Christopher Williams in Winston Salem and officially began their professional tennis campaign.

It has been a year of success for the former successful collegiate tennis players. Jared graduated from the University of Illinois as a decorated athlete and under the guidance of Brad Dancer and Marcos Asse. Dominik spent his four years at Tulane University in New Orleans with coaches Mark Booras and James McKie picking up a singles National Championship along the way.  These programs did so much for Jared and Dom, and paved the way for a strong start to pro tennis career.


Today, one year later, Jared and Dominik are different people. They are physically and mentally stronger and have rigid schedules they adhere to so they can perform each week in competition and training.  The Add 2 Performance team has created an environment where these guys can flourish on the tennis court while still understanding the world is a big place. It is impossible to move forward with a grateful attitude and goal of learning without a growth mindset, and Dominik and Jared are still becoming more resilient.


One year of work on tour also means new career high rankings for these two competitors. Jared has risen from being ranked 761 at the start of August to 388 and Dominik has gone from being ranked outside the top-1700 one year ago to 346. Jared overcame some adversity when he won his first pro singles title earlier this year, after previously losing in the finals three times. He has also won three doubles titles at futures, including one with Dominik where they joined forces to go to #TitleTown together. In addition to the doubles title with Jared, Dominik won his first pro singles title at the end of last year, before winning his second title a few months ago on clay over a former Roland Garros boys champion. Dominik has also played a few tournaments at the challenger level, and a few weeks ago he accomplished a huge milestone as he earned his first victory over a top-100 player. First of many to come for the stud.

The entire Add 2 Performance Team is very proud of Jared and Dominik and how they are handling their journey. They are true champions, great competitors, and we are grateful to have them on our squad.

This week, Add 2 Media Relations sat down with Jared and Dom and asked them a few questions regarding their year with Add 2.

Here’s some of the story, in their own words:

You’re coming up on one year with Add2. Thoughts on your one year anniversary?

JH: Very pleased with my first year of having Add2 by my side. It’s a scary road jumping into the pro tour immediately after the comfort of college but the coaches at Add2 made this transition much easier and I keep on learning every day.

DK: It’s been a fun time so far. Add2 and traveling with a coach and another player has definitely helped me during my first year on the Pro Tour. I still feel like I am experiencing and learning new things every week. Add2 has guided me to the success I had, but has also shown me ways to deal with difficulties and struggles. I am looking forward to keep improving and getting the most out of me.

If you had to narrow it down to two takeaways in one year from your team what would they be?

JH: Have one voice in your head, don’t go searching for answers. Writing in my journal every night to recognize and improve habits

DK: The team is very passionate and caring about me. They are not only trying to make me a better tennis player but also help me and guide me in real life situations.

Two things on the lighter side? Funny things. 

JH: Christopher likes planes. A Lot. If there is not a Chipotle near the tournament then there will be major issues. Dom will start to have withdrawal.

DK: Even if there are 200 parking spots open, Christopher always has to find a spot that’s in between two cars and back up into the open spot. Jared stencils his rackets extra thick and always right before the match every time I play him to make sure the balls are dead after 2 games into the match.

Two things on the mental side you have improved on?

JH: Dealing with adversity during matches. Committing to doing the right things.

DK: I have definitely improved on the spread between my positive and negative emotions on court. I have also learned that my off-court attitude has a very big impact on my tennis game. Being negative emotionally off court very much carries over to the court, which doesn’t make it easier to compete at my best.

What has been the accomplishment you have been most proud of in one year?

JH: The ability for myself to step out of my comfort zone in certain match situations which has allowed myself to grow.

DK: Winning my first Futures title and getting my first win over a Top 100 player.

How are you different now from your college self?

JH: As cliche as it sounds, I am much more professional now that I am done with college. My routines and preparation for tournaments is more detailed and rigorous and I know exactly what I need to be doing each hour of the day.

DK: In college there was always something to do. Now, especially during tournaments it is hard to keep myself busy and get away from tennis. The way I spend my downtime at tournaments is still something I need to improve on. College was way more structured compared to traveling by yourself, playing for yourself and only having to worry about tennis.

What are your goals for one year from now?

JH: One year from now my goal is to have a clearer picture of my identity. This will happen by continuing to do the best I can at perfecting my skills which will allow myself to grow and make that jump to the next level.

DK: My goal for one year from now is to be in a position to get into all the Grandslam Qualies.