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Join the A2P Team for optimum success. Bringing ATP, WTA, Collegiate, and Junoir success to the equation, the coaching staff provides full engagement on court and at tournaments. A2P’s Team has coached 74 athletes with ATP Points, WTA Points, and NCAA D1 scholarships. 


What We Do

COMPETING IS A WAY OF LIFE. A2P’s culture was created to drive an athlete’s compete level. A2P was born out of passion for competition. Together, it is our mission to navigate our athlete’s careers by providing a consistent performance team.

A2P motivates athletes to achieve their goals. The potential to be great exists in every athlete; it’s simply a matter of knowing how to unlock it. Our energy is spent breaking through barriers to discover and utilize an individual’s intangibles as a way to separate themselves from the pack.


Player Development

DISCIPLINE. HARD WORK. Both are words that set the foundation for success at Add 2 Performance. Through training techniques that have produced countless champions, A2P programs create winners. Learning from the personal and athletic achievements of legends, A2P integrates life lessons and physical dominance to breed winners – in tennis AND life. 

Tennis Program

PHYSICAL.MENTAL.EMOTIONAL. Our full time program cements 3 main themes; Physical,  Mental, and Emotional skills are coached daily to maximize each players potential. Every student is evaluated on grips, technique, game style, athleticism, strength, flexibility, nutrition, mental resiliency and attitude. Since every player brings a different skill set to the table, coaches will design individualized training programs for each player.  Every student learns differently; that is why we demand our coaches to teach an individual not a group.

Athletes and coaches understand the culture of doing it on your own is outdated. Our joint efforts and atmosphere of camaraderie is inspiring. We focus on building high performance teams committed to growth and development of each athlete. A2P strives to provide the best team atmosphere in a sport that often isolates the player. We don’t accept that. We are together for you and with you on your journey.



Junior Academy

Session 1

Nov 1st – Dec 17th (6 weeks)

Monday – Friday

5:00pm – 7:00pm

*3x per week commitment*



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