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Building high performance teams committed to growth and development of each athlete. Learn more about our Performance Edge program.

A Balanced and Comprehensive Approach

Each day, the coaching staff reviews the current state of each athlete. As a result, we have the ability to provide a true team environment in an individual sport.

Tennis Development

While at tournaments, A2P coaches take care of all tournament organization (practice times, warm ups, contact with tournament supervisors etc.). During practice sessions expect coaches to have a growth mindset at all times with an eye on details to improve daily.  A2P coaches prioritize mindfulness training as a way to keep an athlete in the best mindset possible. 


Athletic Development

A2P Athletic Development team is led by Dr. Scott Clark. During training and tournament weeks athletes can expect full strength and conditioning support while focusing on improving their bodies with a variety of treatment ranging from soft tissue, massage, facial release, joint mobility etc. Athletic Development makes an athlete better from the physical side of the sport.


Tap into the brains of the A2P team for problems you need solved. A2P Coaches are available for training weeks or our Performance Edge consulting programs. We are committed to helping athletes of any level reach their potential. Athlete’s interested in consulting will have access to the full A2P Team. 

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Join the A2P Team for optimum success. Bringing collegiate, ATP and WTA success to the equation, the coaching staff provides full engagement on and off the road. The A2P team is based in Tampa, FL.

– The A2P Team


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