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Why Add 2 Performance?

You will notice our foundation of philosophy is grounded in three areas of focus. Physical/Mental/Emotional. These three areas will propel you to achieve greatness. P.M.E will be your standard of performance.

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We add to the traditional methods of coaching. Tennis will get you so far, and P.M.E will maximize you. We are coaches with the vision that addressing these areas will unlock a higher level of tennis.



The common saying is that sport is 90% mental and 10% physical. A2P thinks about that differently. We want athletes to gain confidence in their fitness level. Knowing you have a physical edge helps you endure the toughest circumstances. A tired body leads to a tired mind. Physical strength enhances your ability to stay mentally strong.


An elite athlete, across all sports, necessitates a strong level of mental acuity. A2P focuses on developing your mental strength to prepare you for the toughest circumstances. Mindfullness is the clarity required while facing enhanced pressure head on. We want to develop skills that allow you to control your mental state with consistency.


We focus on the emotional part of your game to maximize your fullest potential as an elite athlete. A2P nurtures a growth mindset so that we can struggle together on and off the court without breaking down. Knowing you have the ability to control a match through emotions is a silent battle within that ultimately strengthens your presence.


Athletes and coaches understand the culture of doing it on your own is outdated. Our joint efforts and atmosphere of camaraderie is inspiring. We focus on building high performance teams committed to growth and development of each athlete. A2P strives to provide the best team atmosphere in a sport that often isolates the player. We don’t accept that. We are together for you and with you on your journey.


– The A2P Team


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