Emotional Training

Sport is emotion. A2P teaches you how to use your emotions to your benefit, rather than allowing them to be a barrier to performance. We teach managing momentum and using emotional awareness to enhance the game beyond hitting the tennis ball.

Emotional Awareness

We work to maximize our athletes emotional awareness. The body influences how the mind thinks. We can control our emotions so that we perform to our potential. We teach our athletes to manage the momentum of the match with a set of “intangibles.” If we are down, we have ways to spark emotion in a constructive way. If we are up, we have ways to further our dominant presence on court. The underlying philosophy behind this is also that hitting the tennis ball well is not about stroke production and talking about the shot itself.


It begins with emotional engagement. This especially is true with professional athletes. Their intensity and engagement level can determine much more than how “clean” their shots feel. We teach our athletes to manage their game with their emotions and physicality — another way to find their competitive bests.


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