Ryan Herzog

Director of Human Performance

Coach Bio

Ryan Herzog was in the USAF from 1999-2007. As a Combat Controller for the Special Tactics Unit, he conducted Special Operations during the War on Terror and Operation Enduring Freedom. Herzog acquired extensive education and hands-on experience in a variety of tactical training methods, and most importantly, mental fortitude skills for the most grueling mental and physical environment the body must attempt to endure- War. Today, these training styles continue to produce success for elite units in the military, government agencies, and world class athletes. While serving in the Special Forces community, Herzog began to piece together his ultimate plan for coaching and mentoring athletes with both mind and body training protocols.

Graduating from Trinity International University, Herzog studied Athletic Training for two years, working with basketball, baseball and soccer teams to prevent, treat, and rehabilitate a variety of athletic injuries. Studying with the Human Performance and Wellness Department, Herzog gained knowledge in Human Anatomy, Physiology, Functional Exercise, and Sports Nutrition. Since 2006, Herzog has been a Professional member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association, credentialed as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Tactical Strength and Conditioning-Facilitator (TSAC-F), and Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT). Herzog also helps his clients correct mobility issues and bilateral asymmetries with his Functional Movement Screen certification fundamentals.

Herzog spent several years as the Fitness Director for College Park Athletic Club in Deerfield, Illinois. Here, he developed and implemented unique training programs, enhancing the strength and power capacity for high school and college level athletes. Herzog took his Strength & Conditioning methodology to the next level with the implementation of mental development training, stress management systems, and tactics for peak performance in high pressure environments.

POMR – Path of Most Resistance, owned and operated by Herzog for the last decade, has established its foundation in Colorado as the most elite human performance system, tailored to both the tactical operator and elite athlete. Herzog has spent the last 5 years refining his mental development coaching, with over 1200 hours of extended hands on practical application, providing viable results across the entire spectrum of his clients. Herzog truly believes the strength, conditioning and skill training can only take oneself so far..the mind determines the finale. Herzog embraces demanding diligence with intensity to generate growth with advancement for all his clients.

When Herzog is not working with his clients, you can find him mountain biking or snowboarding in the mountains, competing nationwide in Obstacle Course Racing, or taking himself through a Fallen Hero workout in his personal gym. Herzog always appreciates the companionship from the love of his life, Jessica, a distinguished foot and ankle surgeon in Colorado, who is often alongside him during his adventures. Their outdoor explorations have continued to evolve, as they enjoy to expose and involve their kids, Thor and Xara.


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